The moviegoing experience begins before you even arrive

Multicines is one of the most prominent cinema chains in Ecuador

We have undertaken a project to improve the way our customers book and purchase tickets at our theaters. To do so, we have created a new design system and a visually appealing look & feel. The result has been a smooth and modern movie-going experience that keeps our customers happy and coming back again and again.

UX/UI Designer
App / Web
A cinema interface should be as visually appealing as its movies
User flows
I began the design process by first establishing the information architecture and mapping out the user flows.

This ensures that users can easily and efficiently navigate the app and quickly find what they are looking for.
Wireframing was an integral part of the design process as it allowed us to explore alternative layouts and streamline the user flows. By rethinking the layout and flow of the app, we were able to reduce the number of clicks and screens that users had to navigate, improving the overall user experience
Create a strong and consistent design system in dark mode
One of the main challenges was to create a design system that could be scaled to all the platforms offered by multicines.
A visually appealing design that puts the focus on the movie
We focus on highlighting the movies to take advantage of their fantastic posters and trailers.
Features for a smoother experience
Some apps screens
Discover a new dimension with the desktop version
Project developed by: Trade
Client: Multicines