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KFC app is a delivery and pickup app serving multiple countries in the South American region

The main objective of this project was to redesing the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) of the KFC mobile application in Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Chile, and Ecuador.

UX/UI Designer

Exploring emotional connection

How interface design can create indulgent and memorable experiences

Strengthening the brand through illustrations

During the design process, I realized that strategically designed illustrations can strengthen a brand's identity and recognition, adding a distinctive and appealing touch to the application's UI. This discovery highlighted the significant value that illustrations can bring to user perception and experience, making them an essential tool for brand strengthening in the digital landscape.

Enhancing user experience and brand identity with thoughtful animations

In the design process, I strategically implemented animations to achieve a smoother user experience and reinforce the brand identity during process loadings. These animations were designed with the aim of easing transitions and providing a sense of constant progress to the user, rather than simply displaying a static loading screen.

By doing so, we not only enhanced the perception of process speed but also made each interaction with the brand feel more memorable and aligned with its visual identity. Animations thus became an effective tool for conveying the brand's personality while optimizing the user experience.

Revitalizing tradition
Creating a modern design system for KFC

In the process of creating the Design System for KFC, the primary challenge was to maintain the freshness of a brand with many years of existence without making it feel outdated. To address this challenge, we focused on modernizing visual and design elements while preserving the iconic essence of KFC.

We used a contemporary color palette, versatile typography, and graphic elements that reflected the brand's quality and tradition. This allowed us to strike a balance between the classic and the contemporary, ensuring that the brand remained relevant and appealing to new generations without alienating its loyal followers.

Efficient features for common actions

I designed a couple of actions that make the user experience on the e-commerce platform much faster.

More app screens

Project developed by: Trade
Client: KFC