Your money increases while you relax

Anefi is an investment fund that offers users different possibilities to invest in their future in a simple way.

The main objective of the project is to provide an easy and accessible investment tool for users. The app aims to allow users to transform their savings into investment opportunities by offering different investment options and providing clear and understandable information about each of them.

UX/UI Designer
Transform your savings into opportunities
Research and exploration
Boost your savings wisely
Developing a Coherent and User-Friendly Design System
A coherent and user-friendly design system was developed for an online investment app by establishing clear design rules and creating a consistent set of graphic and typographic elements.

Factors such as color, typography, and element layout were considered to create an interface that was easy to navigate. The design system allowed users to make informed investment decisions and have a successful user experience.
Visualize the growth of your goals
Imagine watching your goals gradually expand and come to fruition, becoming a reality before your eyes
Customized Investments
Customized investments offer users the flexibility to invest their money intelligently and tailored to their financial needs.
Witness your ambitions blossoming
Observe as your dreams and goals flourish and come to life.
Project developed by: Trade
Client: Anefi